Chile con carne


I've been cooking a lot recently and decided to put the more successful attempts on my blog. By "successful" I mean the ones that I deem good enough to feed to guests (should there happen to be any).

A note on quantities: I try to cook enough for at least two meals since I freeze the leftovers and have them on nights I don't have time for cooking, or just don't feel like it.You may have to adjust the quantities to suit - just use the same ratios.

So, without further ado: my version of Chile con Carne - not from a recipe book but probably inspired by a recipe I saw before.

KwaZulu-Natal Youth Wind Competition

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Bring on the comment spam

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Comments on this site have been moderated because of comment spam. I have now enabled re-captcha and disabled the moderation queue. Let's see if it works :-)

I invented a word today

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disasswimble (v) To take a portable elecronic device apart so that it might dry after an unfortunate dunking

Thanks to @jerith for formulating the definition and the true life incident that lead to us discussing it.

disasswimble (v) To take a portable elecronic device apart so that it might dry after an unfortunate dunking.

Dell Vostro A860 NIC and Wi-Fi issues in Ubuntu (Intrepid)

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Soon after I had installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my new laptop I realised that something was not well with the networking.

Laptop acquired

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My new toy
Finally something worth blogging about. I finally put the purchase of a laptop high on my list of priorities for this year. My only real criteria were a decent amount of RAM, and that it's not a Celeron-based machine. After strongly resisting the temptation of spending R11000 on a HP Pavillion with all the bells and whistles, and then drooling over a Lenovo N500 at R7500 I finally settled for a more modest Dell Vostro A860.


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The DailyWTF post What the Ad? - Portability, 1980's Style featured the TRS-80, which just happens to be the nifty little device that gave me my first taste of programming - all the way back in Std 1 (that's 3rd grade for those who don't know their lekker from their kiff).


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I just discoved DesignBay. It works like this: I want a some graphic design work done. I submit a "Design Contest", paying USD30 and providing a design brief and a budget. Designers respond to this, submitting proposals. If I find something I like, I choose one hand over the cash. Or not... and all I lose is USD30.

Compilation queue (cq.el)

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The following is part of my home-grown compilation environment in emacs.
  1. (defvar funclist)
  2. (defvar cq-compilation-started 'nil)
  4. (defun cg-init ()
  5. (setq compilation-finish-functions 'cq-call) ;; this function called when compilation has finished - see compile.el
  6. (setq compilation-exit-message-function
  7. (lambda (status code msg)
  8. ;; If M-x compile exists with a 0
  9. (when (and (eq status 'exit) (zerop code))
  10. ;; then bury the *compilation* buffer, so that C-x b doesn't go there
  11. (bury-buffer "*compilation*")

Django going off the rails?

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Looks like there is a new marketing campaign for Django. I wonder what the target demographic is...

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